Alors, quesqu'on fait quand il pleut ?

LiT's story archive and random facts.

Call me LiT if you want.
Wow, this thing hasn't been updated for years.

I'm a big fan of science-fiction, and I was almost raised in it, that and video games.
I'm easy-going, friendly but I can be rather self-deprecating, and I worry about what I write.
I love to draw as well, mostly originals and not really fan-art.

Favourite shows : Supernatural, Walking Dead, Dexter, Babylon 5, ST : VOY, Six Feet Under, Doctor Who: 9 and 10 especially.
Favourite games : Starcraft, Diablo, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Heroes III.
Favourite movies : So many movies, so little time.
Favourite books : So many books, so little time.

Oh, and my favourite shirt is a faded black t-shirt. With nothing special.